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Andrew Soulimiotis, DMD, D. ABDSM Biography

A Lifetime of Caring

Dr. Andrew Soulimiotis was intrigued with caring for others starting at a young age.  As the child of Greek immigrant parents, Dr. Soulimiotis attended most of his parents’ medical appointments in order to translate the information from their doctors. Through this responsibility, he learned the importance of patients clearly understanding their condition and care. He carried this learning into his career by ensuring his patients feel informed and supported throughout their care.

A Constant Learner

After graduating from North Georgia College, Dr. Soulimiotis followed his childhood commitment to care for others.  He attended The Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and selected Dentistry as his field. After graduating dental school in 1998, he went into private practice in the Duluth area as the owner of a general dentistry office. After five years, Dr. Soulimiotis decided to expand his focus to more complex restorative and cosmetic services. He sold his practice to join a specialized cosmetic practice.  What Dr. Soulimiotis loves about dentistry is that the technology, techniques, and services are constantly changing, and he is passionate about being at the forefront. Dr. Soulimiotis spends hundreds of hours each year participating in elite educational programs such as the Schuster Center, Spears Education, The Dawson Center, The Clinical Mastery Program, The Nash Institute, and  3i Innovations Implant Restorative Symposium.  He is also a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Excited about Sleep

Dr. Soulimiotis has always taken a holistic approach to care by viewing his role as one of many doctors on a patient’s medical team.  He seeks to understand all facets of a patient’s health, habits, and lifestyle to better assess if they are experiencing the physical health they desire.  For years, he constantly heard from patients that they wake up tired and were snoring throughout the night. They felt hopeless because they didn’t know why or how to regain their rest.  Once his own mother complaining about being tired all day, Dr. Soulimiotis’ became committed to finding a solution for his mom and his patients.  He was so impressed with oral appliance therapy as an easy solution to snoring and sleep apnea, Dr. Soulimiotis embarked on 5 years of dental sleep medicine courses and certifications. He began practicing dental sleep medicine in 2010. Then in 2016, Dr. Soulimiotis was asked to join one of the top sleep dentists in the country, Dr. Sherri Katz as her understudy and associate in her practice.   In 2020, Dr. Katz selected Dr. Soulimiotis as her successor in her highly respected practice. Today, Dr. Soulimiotis provides clinical training for Emory’s Brain Health Sleep Fellowship Program and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABDSM).

It’s All Greek

After work, Dr. Soulimiotis’ activities revolve around his Greek Orthodox community in Decatur. He and his wife Vicky live nearby their church with their teenage son allowing them to participate in their Greek community’s various religious and cultural activities. A favorite of the Soulimiotis family is the annual Greek Festival where they have volunteered to make delicious Frappe coffee for patrons for the past 15 years. In the summer, they visit their parents’ home country of Greece where they visit with over 50 relatives, of course speaking the native Greek language. On his free time, Dr. Soulimiotis enjoys kayaking, boating, hiking, gardening, and volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America.