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Expert Medical Care to Regain Your Sleep

Our mission is a silent and safe sleep for our patients that is effortless to achieve. We offer solutions for snoring and sleep apnea that are easy to use so you and your partner can regain the health benefits of sleep. We are committed to providing care that will help you achieve optimal sleep health and vitality.

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Services We Offer

We are proud to have treated over 5,000 patients with a custom-fit oral appliance and cared for them until they reached optimal sleep. Our team is committed to offering a comprehensive approach to caring for your sleep concerns and providing a personalized solution.


Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances


Snoring Oral Appliances


Sleep Screening


Sleep Counseling

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Solutions We Offer

We offer an array of oral appliances to meet each patient’s unique needs based on their sleep screening and oral exam.

A Solution for Snoring


A Solution for Sleep Apnea


A compliment to your CPAP machine


A solution to sleep apnea as an alternative to a CPAP machine

Benefits of Oral Appliances

FDA approved with clinical evidence of effectiveness for snoring and sleep apnea.
Ready 3 weeks after you are fitted.
Most insurances cover the cost. If not, costs less than a cup of coffee for a day.
Custom fitted to your mouth with high quality, durable materials. Feels like an orthodontics retainer. Able to open and close your mouth.
Noise-free so you and your partner can get a quiet night’s sleep.
No electricity so can be used anywhere. Travel friendly when camping, on a plane or in a foreign country.
Fits in a coat pocket so it can go anywhere you go without anything extra to carry.
Requires only cold water and liquid soap to clean daily. No supplies or parts to maintain.

Our Process

  • Sleep screening and oral exam with one of our Dental Sleep Medicine Doctors
  • If necessary, we'll coordinate a sleep test with a Sleep Medicine Specialist
  • Sleep consultation with one of our Dental Sleep Medicine Doctors to review sleep test results and take custom measurements for your oral appliance
  • Three weeks later, you will have your custom-fit oral appliance and experience silent and restful sleep
Couple sleeping peacefully without snoring after successful fitting with oral appliance


Serving the Atlanta Area Since 1999

Our practice is 100% focused on sleep medicine and partners with sleep physicians, primary physicians, and medical specialist across Georgia as part of a patient’s medical team. We work together to evaluate, prescribe and resolve patient’s sleep conditions so they can once again achieve the health benefits of sleep.

Our medical team of three sleep medicine dentists have 40 years of experience in providing oral appliance solutions and sleep counseling.  We are a trusted partner with referring medical doctors across Georgia and have received several recognitions from various sleep medicine professional associations.

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Dental sleep specialist Dr. Sheri Katz seated on a front porch with trees in background smiling broadly

Patient Testimonials

“I am so grateful for Dr. Soulimiotis and his team for my new sleep appliance! Their service and attention to detail is top notch. My oral sleep appliance fits perfectly and I’ve gotten the best sleep of my life! I look forward to my restful sleep every night.”
Lourelle L., Atlanta, GA

“Sleep Apnea and Snoring Solutions has been a lifesaver for me. I have been a sleep apnea patient for 10 years but I ignored it because I didn’t want to go on a CPAP machine. I have gone through cancer and now I have to do something about my sleep apnea. I was recommended to Dr. Andrew who made me a device and I just love it!  My husband tells me I am not snoring or gasping for air. It works!”
Cindy M., Atlanta, GA

After using an oral device I feel so much more refreshed. I feel like I’m having a much better day. I feel like I have a lot more energy. What is really great is that I stopped getting migraines in the morning and that has been amazing for me. This is the best thing I’ve ever done.”
Adriane J., End Point, GA

Professional Affiliations

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Snoring and sleep apnea can be very dangerous. Every person has different issues and it is vital that the treatment that you and your sleep physician choose is the best for you and your needs.

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